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There are a few simple rules to guide you in the right direction.  The exit, whether a door or window, must allow for a clear opening of 5.7 SQ Ft and must be a maximum of 44" off the interior floor finish. This image will help you with evaluate your scenario.  Interesting to note: Many existing homes have above grade windows that do not meet current code requirements.   Check yours today!

With so many window styles and shapes it may be difficult to measure the openingUltimately the "net" clear opening is what your looking for. 


After all the elements of the window are factored in , including all tracks and hardware, no matter how small.  That is your "net" clear opening.   

In the event that your exit or egress is below grade then the addition of an egress approved well will be needed to complete the safe and code compliance of the egress plan.  This graphic will help you understand this design requirement.  

egress plan dimensiond.jpg
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